The core management team consists of Senior Engineers; Senior Global Supply Chain Experts; Project Management Professionals; Construction Managers; Senior Procurement Specialists; and Senior Contracts Administrators. Team members are cross trained and can function in more than one essential management capacity, therefore PolyEarth's small management teams are cost competitive, focused and directly involved with a specific project.

Supporting the core management team are highly competent individuals who share PolyEarth's mission and values: Senior Field Electrical Engineers, Journeymen Welders, Journeymen Electricians, Journeymen Plumbers, and Journeymen Carpenters. Each of the Journeymen can also function as either Construction Managers or Construction Superintendents.

Through partnerships and teaming arrangements, PolyEarth has complemented its demonstrable experience to incorporate “turn-key” solutions in the areas of: In-Country Services Management, Design-build Blast & Force Protection Solutions, Innovative Soil Stabilization Techniques, and Composite Telecom and Utilities infrastructure.