How We Work

PolyEarth assembles small, highly trained management teams and crews to provide professional, cost effective solutions customized to meet the needs of our clients. PolyEarth is structured to mobilize quickly and because our company is based in a region of Alaska that serves as a global air and sea hub, we can reach most major world centers by air within 11 hours.

Incorporation of benchmark industry technologies and local labor are vital attributes of our work. Previous experience executing large projects in Alaska and Iraq proves that our team is very competent working with challenging logistics, and comfortable in diverse cultures and harsh conditions.

PolyEarth is motivated to propose comprehensive solutions for challenging projects in any region, climate or condition. PolyEarth's crews are competent and well prepared because they succeed in:

  • remote or isolated locations for lengthy work cycles
  • austere and sometimes severe environments or conditions
  • communications with many traditions and cultures, including tribal organizations
  • logistical challenges, such as shipping tools, equipment and personnel
  • thinking “outside-the-box” and presenting creative solutions